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The Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems &Sustainable Computing (ICISSC-2022) is planned to create awareness and provide a common platform for the professionals, academicians and researchers working in the area of Intelligent Systems & Sustainable Computing to analyze state-of-the-art developments, innovations and future trends and thereby contribute to the much-needed dissemination of latest developments and advances in these fields.  It is a well-known fact that research plays a vital role in the sphere of teaching and academics.

The International Conference strives to emphasize the relevance of education for sustainable development by focusing on all efforts to improve the quality of education to target the fourth goal specified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG). This conference also addresses the ninth Sustainable Development Goal, which is "Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure." As highlighted in the UN’s most recent SDG progress report, the UN notes that the crisis usually offers the opportunity to foster industrialization and improve the global distribution of intelligent systems and sustainable computing technologies.

This conference provides a platform for interacting and exchanging ideas, experience and expertise in the current focus of global research, recent developments, challenges and emerging trends in the above-mentioned fields. Finally, this conference is going to be an intellectual arena which encompasses ability to exchange and exhibit mutual respect and understanding of ideas, philosophical principles, cognitive styles, and mindsets as well as acts of integrity and purposeful personal reflection.

The Submitted papers are expected to cover state-of-the-art technologies, product implementation, ongoing research as well as application issues.

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